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Andy Pettite: Leaning Towards Retirement?

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Every year, the Yankees empty out their lockers, wish each other luck, say their goodbyes and hope to see each other again in the off-season, but for Andy Pettite he may have emptied and closed his locker for the last time. According to reports from Brian Cashman, Andy Pettite was leaning towards retirement after he had contacted him recently. Understanding Pettite’s situation, Pettite claimed that he had found it difficult for him to go from New York to Texas during the off days that the Yankees had and earlier in the season claimed that he didn’t want to miss his sons go through High School and graduate. While Pettite has a lot to think about so does Brian Cashman. If Pettite decides to retire, Cashman will have to push for Cliff Lee during the Winter Meetings with still Carl Crawford as the Plan B just for back up.


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