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Official: Yankees Decline Kerry Wood, Nick Johnson & Lance Berkman’s Options, May Get Chance At Cliff Lee

So it appears that Kerry Wood, Nick Johnson and Lance Berkman are heading somewhere else for the 2011 season. It had been made official that Brian Cashman had declined the options for the three players above. Kerry Wood who had optioned for $11 Million apparently isn’t getting it from the Yankees which seems kinda unfair since he was an effective part of them making it into the Post Season this year. Lance Berkman had a rocky back and forth outing with the Yankees since July and Nick Johnson can’t be trusted to stay healthy. I wish luck to Kerry Wood to find a team that will pay his demand, cause honestly having Wood in the Yankees bullpen would have been the grenade that the Yankees needed to blow to the top of the standings for 2011.

In other news, Cliff Lee pitched against Tim Lincecum in the series premiere of the 2010 World Series and the Giants? They knocked Lee down, and took the win away from him. Despite that, the Yankees are still hoping that they are going to get Cliff Lee this winter since Lee has either one of two options. He can stay with the Rangers for the next season or he can sign a 5 year $151 million dollar contract with the Yankees. With reports coming in from his wife saying she was spat on and heckled at a ALCS game at Yankee Stadium, Cliff Lee shrugged that off saying “Fans will be fans.” Which might mean that Cliff Lee is seriously thinking of joining the New York Yankees. I’m going to say that if they do get Cliff Lee then they will have a major weapon besides CC Sabathia and Andy Pettite (If he decides to return to baseball for another season) who both had pitched well last season. Sabathia was 21-7 at the end of the season and Pettite was on the verge of the greatest season of his career when he pulled his hamstring in July. He had to settle for 11-4, which isn’t bad for him whatsoever.

But the point is that Cliff Lee has only 2 major teams in the running to sign him, the Rangers and the Yankees. The Yankees have the upper hand because they have more money to offer Lee than the Rangers do. If the Yankees do sign Lee and he accepts then his wife should get used to living in New York, and maybe this time she won’t be bothered by the fans cause she could be sporting a Yankees pinstripe jersey.


Toronto V.S Yankees: Game 2

With CC Sabathia on the mound for the New York Yankees, we expect to see some action tonight for New York, that is if Sabathia can keep up his composure unlike the last game. Last week at Yankee Stadium, CC Sabathia v.s David Price. 7 runs for Tampa while CC was still pitching which led to a loss for New York. But this time CC Sabathia has a couple of weapons on his side. His offense, which New York fans can hope that they will click it together tonight. With Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixieira, Curtis Granderson, Robinson Cano and Nick Swisher with their power, Derek Jeter with his through the hole base  and Brett Gardner with his incredible speed, New York has a chance as well right? 

New York needs to keep Toronto in check, which was difficult yesterday when A.J Burnett allowed 7 runs in 2 1/3 innings. While Toronto has the mighty Jose Bautista who has 52 home runs of the season and incredible outfielding with Vernon Wells, Bautista and Travis Snider, the Yankees have offense and their incredible defense to be able to get them through a game. Will the Yankees be able to get a win tonight and will Champagne fly throughout the locker room? Only time will tell…