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Andy Pettite: Leaning Towards Retirement?

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Every year, the Yankees empty out their lockers, wish each other luck, say their goodbyes and hope to see each other again in the off-season, but for Andy Pettite he may have emptied and closed his locker for the last time. According to reports from Brian Cashman, Andy Pettite was leaning towards retirement after he had contacted him recently. Understanding Pettite’s situation, Pettite claimed that he had found it difficult for him to go from New York to Texas during the off days that the Yankees had and earlier in the season claimed that he didn’t want to miss his sons go through High School and graduate. While Pettite has a lot to think about so does Brian Cashman. If Pettite decides to retire, Cashman will have to push for Cliff Lee during the Winter Meetings with still Carl Crawford as the Plan B just for back up.


Would you like to see Andy Pettite retire or come back for one more season in 2011? Post your comments in the box below.


Girardi Reached Deal: 3 Years, 9 Million Dollars

Joe Girardi is one happy Yankee this week when he and Brian Cashman reached a deal for 3 years into 2014 with 9 million dollars under his belt. Girardi’s contract was the first one to close a deal after the 2010 season is over. The 3 other main contracts that now need to be negotiated are Andy Pettite, Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter. Girardi acted as if his contract never expired when asked about the lineup for the Yankees in 2011 with him saying “There may be changes to the lineup.” (Hint: Derek Jeter may be moved down, Brett Gardner may move up).

Mariano Rivera is asking for 2 years for his contract which he hope will last him into 2013, not wanting another 1 year deal, Andy Pettite is still determining whether to return to baseball or to retire this season and Derek Jeter is hoping to extend his contract despite his poor season. Now that Joe Girardi has his contract, it’s now time to focus on 3/4 of the Core Four (Posada’s contract expires at the end of next year) and their contracts. Will Mariano get his 2 years, will Jeter prevent Gardner from getting the leadoff spot, and will Andy Pettite retire? These are all questions and more to find out soon.

Official: Yankees Decline Kerry Wood, Nick Johnson & Lance Berkman’s Options, May Get Chance At Cliff Lee

So it appears that Kerry Wood, Nick Johnson and Lance Berkman are heading somewhere else for the 2011 season. It had been made official that Brian Cashman had declined the options for the three players above. Kerry Wood who had optioned for $11 Million apparently isn’t getting it from the Yankees which seems kinda unfair since he was an effective part of them making it into the Post Season this year. Lance Berkman had a rocky back and forth outing with the Yankees since July and Nick Johnson can’t be trusted to stay healthy. I wish luck to Kerry Wood to find a team that will pay his demand, cause honestly having Wood in the Yankees bullpen would have been the grenade that the Yankees needed to blow to the top of the standings for 2011.

In other news, Cliff Lee pitched against Tim Lincecum in the series premiere of the 2010 World Series and the Giants? They knocked Lee down, and took the win away from him. Despite that, the Yankees are still hoping that they are going to get Cliff Lee this winter since Lee has either one of two options. He can stay with the Rangers for the next season or he can sign a 5 year $151 million dollar contract with the Yankees. With reports coming in from his wife saying she was spat on and heckled at a ALCS game at Yankee Stadium, Cliff Lee shrugged that off saying “Fans will be fans.” Which might mean that Cliff Lee is seriously thinking of joining the New York Yankees. I’m going to say that if they do get Cliff Lee then they will have a major weapon besides CC Sabathia and Andy Pettite (If he decides to return to baseball for another season) who both had pitched well last season. Sabathia was 21-7 at the end of the season and Pettite was on the verge of the greatest season of his career when he pulled his hamstring in July. He had to settle for 11-4, which isn’t bad for him whatsoever.

But the point is that Cliff Lee has only 2 major teams in the running to sign him, the Rangers and the Yankees. The Yankees have the upper hand because they have more money to offer Lee than the Rangers do. If the Yankees do sign Lee and he accepts then his wife should get used to living in New York, and maybe this time she won’t be bothered by the fans cause she could be sporting a Yankees pinstripe jersey.

Yankees: Contracts, Releases

Just 3 days after the Yankees were eliminated from the playoffs, trades, contracts and releases are flying all over the place, and it may be a little too hard for Hal Steinbrenner to deal with.

Let’s start with the contracts shall we? Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettite’s contract expired on Friday after the Yankees lost to the Texas Rangers, and the head of the Yankees expects to sign all three of them, if Pettite is still interested in playing next year that is. He is back to square one again, trying to contemplate whether to play another season or retire to spend more time with his family. Jeter is expecting a contact raise for him to play for another 4 or 5 years. Jeter is already 36 years old, which means if they extend his contract he will be at least 40 or 41 when his contract will expire again. Mariano Rivera has no problems with being sign, so there’s no drama there even though he is 41 years old.

For Kerry Wood, the Yankees would LOVE to sign him for his amazing pitching performance before the bullpen went to Mariano Rivera, but other teams are interested in him. Another prospect that they are interested in is Carl Crawford who is now a free agent after spending his season with the Tampa Bay Rays. In my opinion, I wouldn’t want the Yankees to sign Carl Crawford for the main reason…he’s a LEFT FIELDER, which defeats the whole purpose of having Brett Gardner there. Gardner brings more to the table than Crawford does. Gardner has a strong arm, is very fast and has the inside swing perfected. The only thing that Gardner can perfect this off-season is his bunting. Another prospect that the Yankees plan on getting is Cliff Lee. After the Cliff Lee deal went out the window in July, the Yankees will try again during the off season. I think if we get Cliff Lee, we will definetley see a 2011 World Series, but I am getting ahead of myself. We would need Cliff Lee to accept the New York deal first. And with Andy Pettite contemplating his decision of returning to baseball, Cliff Lee would be an excellent replacement of Pettite decides to retire.

The Yankees released pitching coach, first baseman and starting pitcher Dave Eiland, Lance Berkman and Javy Vazquez. Eiland had proved he wasn’t capable of commanding his pitchers, Lance Berkman only had July to October on his contract and Javy Vazquez wasn’t the starter anyone had hoped for. He was 10-10 during the whole year which was horrible. We all realize that A.J Burnett was just as bad, but there is a difference between Javy and A.J: A.J had a HUGE contract ahead of him. The Yankees may be out of the 2010 season, but 2011 brings more huge prospects, better pitching and who knows, maybe the Core Four (Jeter, Posada, Pettite, Rivera) will all return next season and help us through a Yankees World Series victory. There not getting any younger you know.

Rangers Go To World Series, Yankees Go Home

An awful end for the New York Yankees as they were steamrolled by Colby Lewis and the Rangers in a 6-1 victory against Phil Hughes. Despite the fact that CC Sabathia was ready in the bullpen for the Yankees, Joe Girardi went to David Robertson in the 5th inning after Hughes gave up a 3-1 lead to the Rangers. Robertson’s numbers for the postseason were not good at all, maybe even on the borderline of horrendous. The intent was to get Nelson Cruz out, but instead he drilled a 2 run homer off of Robertson in which Girardi went to the bullpen in the 6th inning. Making his final performance for the Yankees was Kerry Wood, who gave up one run in 2 innings of play.

“The Yankees wouldn’t have made it to the postseason without Kerry Wood.” spoke Susan Waldman on the WCBS880 Radio. Wood had a very big reason why they made it to the post season, but there will be no parade down the Canon of Heroes this year for the Yanks. What do the Yankees plan on doing now that the season is over?

Brett Gardner made it publicly known that he was to work on his bunting throughout the winter with John Sterling saying “If he was to be able to perfect that bunt and add it to his arsenal then his numbers will go up.” Mark Teixeira is working on making a comeback after a pulled hamstring kept him out of the last 2 games of the series. Andy Pettite is contemplating whether to come back this year to New York or to retire saying that his family is affecting what he is doing every step of the way. Robinson Cano plans on making those numbers blossom at large for the 2011 season and Nick Swisher? Rumors say that he will marry his fiance Joanna Garcia in December. Derek Jeter and Joe Girardi plan on getting their contracts renewed for the 2011 season and there’s even rumor that Girardi will get a raise. For Lance Berkman he plans to go back to Houston for the 2011 season saying he only left since he wanted to get a World Series ring. It looks as if Lance is going home empty handed. And Kerry Wood? He is asking for 11 Million Dollars from the Yankees to be their setup man next year, but the Yankees are unsure whether they will pay it. If they don’t then Wood will go somewhere else for the 2011 season.

So with the 2010 season at a close for the New York Yankees, the only thing they can do for now is to watch the Rangers take on either the Giants or the Phillies in the World Series. If I were to guess for them, I would say that the Yankees would want the National League to win, just to keep the Rangers World Series Championship hungry.