Gardner And Cano Homers Not Enough In 3-2 Loss To Chi-Sox

Brett Gardner 24.jpg
Once again, the Yankees looked over matched against the White Sox. This time it was to the White Sox starting pitcher Gordon Beckham (3-1) who was battling against Yankees starting pitcher Ivan Nova.

The difference between Monday Night’s game and Tonight’s game was Nova left with the Yankees in the lead. The only two runs scored were on Robinson Cano’s home run in the 2nd inning and Brett Gardner’s home run in the 5th inning making it the second time this week that Gardner has hit it out of the park. The mistake that Joe Girardi made? Going to Rafael Soriano (1-1) in the 8th inning. While Soriano is the 8th inning guy, he didn’t act like it giving up 2 runs on the Paul Konerko home run giving the White Sox a 3-2 lead.

Yankees had runners on second and first with one out in the bottom of the 9th when Alex Rodriguez drove a ball to deep right field, only to be caught by White Sox replacement right fielder Brent Lillibridge. One batter later, Cano scorched a line drive down the line only for Lillibridge to make the catch and win the game for the White Sox. The Yankees had dropped 2 straight to the White Sox, prior to tonight’s game being the only team not to lose 2 straight games.


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