Phillies Win Cliff Lee Sweepstakes

Cliff Lee 3.jpg


Many Yankees fans were in shock Tuesday morning when they found out they lost the Cliff Lee Sweepstakes. They were even more in shock when they found out the Rangers didn’t win either. The Philadelphia Phillies came from behind to clinch Lee, adding power to their rotation. As of now, the Phillies have Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels. The Yankees only have CC Sabathia, A.J Burnett and Phil Hughes, which means the Yankees have to ask Pettite for his return for one last season.


After Plan A and Plan B flew out the window, Cashman revealed another Plan “B”: Patience. Many reasons were speculated as to why Cliff Lee decided to join the Phillies in the first place. Lee answered that he enjoyed his time there and was heartbroken when he was traded to the Mariners during the 2009 off-season. Cashman is known for keeping negotiations out in the open. An example would be dealing with “dirty laundry” when he attempted to resign Derek Jeter. The speculation of his contract was made known to the whole world, even non-baseball fans knew Cashman’s tricks. After the contract was discussed and inked, Jeter revealed he was angry of how his contract negotations went. Maybe one reason that Lee didn’t sign to New York was that he was afraid the same thing would happen to him after his contract expired.


Even though Cliff Lee had disappointed many baseball fans, he still did right by his family, making sure that he chose a place where they would be comfertable. Even though Cliff Lee took a lower amount from the Phillies; 5 years, 120 Million, he was a smart man for making the decision the way he did. Cliff Lee is one smart man, and this just proves that not all the money in the world can buy him.


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