Derek Jeter Deal: 3 Years, $51 Million, 4th Year Option

Derek Jeter 2.jpg


After Brian Cashman playing his game of chicken with Derek Jeter, they had crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s on Jeter’s contract. According to Cashman, Jeter’s deal will be worth $51 Million dollars for 3 years with a fourth year option of $8 Million. He can also earn $9 Million in incentives, but if he doesn’t pick up the incentives by his fourth year he is guarenteed $56 Million. The Jeter deals had been taking the spotlight away from the Cliff Lee deal for a while, when the Yankees first offered him $45 Million dollars for 3 years. Jeter’s agent on the other hand had a different price range in mind. Jeter’s agent wanted $90 Million for 3 years from Cashman, but Cashman refused to go so high, still with Cliff Lee and Plan B Carl Crawford to think about.


Jeter and Cashman had reached a deal on December 3rd, but had just finalized it over the weekend when Jeter went to get a physical at New York Presbyterian Hospital to complete the offer. The Captian is now guarenteed to being in Yankees pinstripes for the next 3 years with a fourth year if Jeter wants, which most of us believe he will. At least we know the Captian is on board his ship and doesn’t plan on handing over the controls to someone else anytime soon.


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