Girardi Reached Deal: 3 Years, 9 Million Dollars

Joe Girardi is one happy Yankee this week when he and Brian Cashman reached a deal for 3 years into 2014 with 9 million dollars under his belt. Girardi’s contract was the first one to close a deal after the 2010 season is over. The 3 other main contracts that now need to be negotiated are Andy Pettite, Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter. Girardi acted as if his contract never expired when asked about the lineup for the Yankees in 2011 with him saying “There may be changes to the lineup.” (Hint: Derek Jeter may be moved down, Brett Gardner may move up).

Mariano Rivera is asking for 2 years for his contract which he hope will last him into 2013, not wanting another 1 year deal, Andy Pettite is still determining whether to return to baseball or to retire this season and Derek Jeter is hoping to extend his contract despite his poor season. Now that Joe Girardi has his contract, it’s now time to focus on 3/4 of the Core Four (Posada’s contract expires at the end of next year) and their contracts. Will Mariano get his 2 years, will Jeter prevent Gardner from getting the leadoff spot, and will Andy Pettite retire? These are all questions and more to find out soon.


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