Despite Speculation, Gardner Stays in New York

With the whole Carl Crawford deal going around the major league baseball club, the Yankees are certain for one thing. Even IF Crawford did end up in New York, Brett Gardner would stay put where he is despite speculation that he was to be traded to the Royals just to make room for Crawford. If the Yankees had decided to trade Gardner, it would have been a gigantic mistake on their part. For one, NO ONE is faster than he is on Yankees, he had made franchise history by being the 7th person in 70 years to steal over 40 bases, following the ranks of Alfonso Soriano. No one sees more pitches at an at bat than Gardner. He had shown major improvement over the past 2 years, in 2008 have a max number of strikeouts and in 2010 limiting his strikeout count by taking balls that he used to swing at. His arm and his on base percentage are other reasons. Gardner is known to gun down runners while their running and has one of the strongest arms, able to get almost anyone out at home plate if he had to. His .383 on base percentage was team leading percentage, just ahead of Robinson Cano.

So how did Brett Gardner get that on base percentage people ask? He has been walked as much times as buddy Mark Teixeira had. But pitchers aren’t wary of pitching to Gardner because of home runs, it’s because of his speed and him being able to steal second base in a blink of an eye. Even though Crawford would be a good deal for the Yankees, losing Brett Gardner’s amazing defense is not worth the cost, no matter how much Crawford wants. So the Gardner haters better suck it up, because Gardy is here to stay in the big apple.


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