Is Derek Jeter Getting The Boot?

Brian Cashman had let go of Dave Eiland, and Derek Jeter might be in trouble. Cashman is known for being cold blooded when it comes to releasing. He released Eiland, Javy Vazquez, and previous seasons Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui. Jeter had the worst season of his career batting a .270 average with 10 home runs, a .346 OBP and 66 RBI’s. While most likely Jeter will be resigned to the Yankees, he may not get the leadoff spot that he had kept to himself for 10 years, the honor may go to 27 year old Brett Gardner who exploded the Yankees offense with 47 stolen bases and a .383 On Base Percentage. Joe Girardi is working on getting Jeter to bat at least second if Jeter can’t keep it up, but the number 2 spot might go to Curtis Granderson, with statistics showing that Gardner and Granderson produce more offense when they are batting back to back.

So who do you prefer bats leadoff for the 2011 Yankees season? Brett Gardner or Derek Jeter? Place your thoughts in the comments below.


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