Rangers Go To World Series, Yankees Go Home

An awful end for the New York Yankees as they were steamrolled by Colby Lewis and the Rangers in a 6-1 victory against Phil Hughes. Despite the fact that CC Sabathia was ready in the bullpen for the Yankees, Joe Girardi went to David Robertson in the 5th inning after Hughes gave up a 3-1 lead to the Rangers. Robertson’s numbers for the postseason were not good at all, maybe even on the borderline of horrendous. The intent was to get Nelson Cruz out, but instead he drilled a 2 run homer off of Robertson in which Girardi went to the bullpen in the 6th inning. Making his final performance for the Yankees was Kerry Wood, who gave up one run in 2 innings of play.

“The Yankees wouldn’t have made it to the postseason without Kerry Wood.” spoke Susan Waldman on the WCBS880 Radio. Wood had a very big reason why they made it to the post season, but there will be no parade down the Canon of Heroes this year for the Yanks. What do the Yankees plan on doing now that the season is over?

Brett Gardner made it publicly known that he was to work on his bunting throughout the winter with John Sterling saying “If he was to be able to perfect that bunt and add it to his arsenal then his numbers will go up.” Mark Teixeira is working on making a comeback after a pulled hamstring kept him out of the last 2 games of the series. Andy Pettite is contemplating whether to come back this year to New York or to retire saying that his family is affecting what he is doing every step of the way. Robinson Cano plans on making those numbers blossom at large for the 2011 season and Nick Swisher? Rumors say that he will marry his fiance Joanna Garcia in December. Derek Jeter and Joe Girardi plan on getting their contracts renewed for the 2011 season and there’s even rumor that Girardi will get a raise. For Lance Berkman he plans to go back to Houston for the 2011 season saying he only left since he wanted to get a World Series ring. It looks as if Lance is going home empty handed. And Kerry Wood? He is asking for 11 Million Dollars from the Yankees to be their setup man next year, but the Yankees are unsure whether they will pay it. If they don’t then Wood will go somewhere else for the 2011 season.

So with the 2010 season at a close for the New York Yankees, the only thing they can do for now is to watch the Rangers take on either the Giants or the Phillies in the World Series. If I were to guess for them, I would say that the Yankees would want the National League to win, just to keep the Rangers World Series Championship hungry.


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