Jeter, Gardner, A-Rod, CC lead Yanks to Playoff  Clincher

Yankee fans can finally get some relief, because the Yankees had clinched a playoff spot thanks to their #9, #1 and #4 hitters: Brett Gardner, Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez respectively. To lead off the first, Jeter had singled to Centerfield and later to score on a sacrifice fly by Alex Rodriguez. In the 3rd, Jeter scored on a sacrifice fly from Mark Teixeira. In the 5th, Brett Gardner tripled to left field and scored that same inning in a close call situation. The ball had beaten Gardner, but Gardner had placed his foot on home plate before the tag was applied, with the Yankees taking the 3-1 lead. 

The Yankees racked 3 more runs throughout the game, and most fans were surprised at the top of the 9th inning, where Gardner had placed a perfect bunt towards 3B and the Toronto 3B Juan Encarnacion hadn’t bothered to get the ball. Rodriguez had gotten his 121st RBI of the season, Teixeira his 107th, Jeter his 66th and Greg Golson his 1st of the season. 
Throughout the 9 hits the lineup had put together, only Gardner and Jeter were able to put together 2 hits each leaving the #9 and #1 hitters stats 4-8, combined with 3 runs, with 2 strikeouts.
CC Sabathia (21-7) pitched 8 1/3 solid innings and had struck out 8, only giving up one run and 3 hits. Kyle Drabek (0-3) had given up 3 runs on 5 hits. 
Now the Yankees are focusing on trying to get to first place by Saturday. 

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